Horizontal Laboratory Autoclave LHA-B10

Horizontal Autoclave LHA-B10

Horizontal Autoclaves LHA-B10 can be effectively used to sterilize media, surgical, dental instruments etc. It is fully automated, possess drying function and variety of safety features which makes it an ideal instrument for your laboratory sterilization related applications.

Sterilization Temperature134°C
Sterilization Pressure0.22 Mpa
Timer Range0-60 minutes
Heat Average≤±1℃
Chamber Dimension (mm)(Φ×D)440×1000 
Product Dimension(mm) (L×W×H)1400*600*1300
Net Weight (Kgs)240
Gross Weight (Kgs)320
Power Supply9KW/AC380V 50Hz
  • Door closes automatically once the system reaches the pressure of 0.027MPa
  • In case of emergency opening the system gets auto off and open the chamber
  • Auto protection against over temperature and pressure
  • Auto power cut in case of water shortage
  • Maximum working temperature and pressure is 134°C and 0.23 MPa
It is suitable for medical, laboratory, microbiological, clinical use and to sterile the waste before discarding.

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