Horizontal Laboratory Autoclave LHA-F10

Horizontal Autoclave LHA-F10

LHA-F10 is a single door pulse vacuum autoclave with motorized door or sliding door with pneumatic sealing .It has PLC control touch screen system along with variety of product safety features.

Sterilization Temperature139°C
Sterilization Pressure0.25Mpa
Steam Pressure and the Consumption0.4-0.8Mpa/15Kg
Water Source Pressure and the Consumption0.15-0.3Mpa/35Kg
Inner Chamber Dimension (mm)(L×W×H)800×600×600
Outer Dimension (mm)(L×W×H)1100×1300×1700
Net Weight (Kgs)900
Power Supply2-2.4KW
  • Horizontal single door double layer structure composed of SUS30408 or SUS31608 stainless steel from inside and brushed decorative sheet from outside
  • Designed with motorized door or sliding door with pneumatic sealing to prevent loss of sterile steam
  • Comprises of Siemens PLC and Siemens touch screen
  • The operating system is divided into three levels: manager, technologist and operator
  • Provision to record and print all the technical values and alarms
  • Door gets locked in case pressure of inner chamber is higher than the safety pressure
  • Equipped with sealing door which prevents opening of door when the program is running
It is suitable for medical, laboratory, microbiological, clinical use and to sterile the waste before discarding.

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