Biosafety cabinet Class II A2  LBS2-A10

Biosafety cabinet Class II A2 LBS2-A10

The biosafety cabinet class II type A2 LBS2-A10 is a vertical laminar airflow with 70% air circulation and 30% air exhaust. This cabinet is equipped with leakage proof HEPA and ULPA filters. It has smart auto supply system, which ensures safety by changing the air volume to less than 10% when the resistance of filter increases by 50%. This biosafety cabinet is certified by NSF/ANSI49 and is safe for the use.

CleanlinessHEPA:ISO5(Class 100)/ULPA: ISO4(Class 10)
Filtration EfficiencyHEPA:>=99.995%,@0.3 μm /ULPA:>=99.999%,@0.12 μm
Downflow Velocity0.33m/s
Inflow Velocity0.55m/s
Air DirectionTop out
Operator Protectiona. Total colony in impaction sampler <=10CFU./time b.Total colony in slot sampler <= 5CFU./time
Product ProtectionTotal colony in culture dish <=5CFU./time
Cross ContaminationTotal colony in cultere dish <=2CFU./time
Work Dimension1300*600*640mm
Overall Dimension1500*815*2270mm
Power Supply~220V,50Hz
Power (With Spare socket)2.5kw
  • Vertical sliding view screen with suspended lifting system
  • 5mm thick safety glass with photoelectric alarm for door and light
  • Free air return mode in the front suction channel
  • LCD touch control panel with anti-splash safety socked and junction valve
  • Equipped with flow indicator with warning
Biosafety cabinet Class II A2 is widely used in biotechnology, microbiology, pharmaceutical industry to carry out aseptic operations.