Bench-Top  Freeze Dryer LBFD-A11

Bench-Top Freeze Dryer LBFD-A11

Bench-top freeze dryer LBFD-A1 Series is portable and easy to operate. It features vacuum drying with low noise compressor for smooth and silent functioning that is configured strictly following ISO & CE standards. The bench-top series boasts a 3-4 kg per 24 hour condensing rate. Its graphic LCD display with clear layout shows the drying curves and other parameters for easy analysis. Benchtop freeze dryers can be customized with a range of accessories to support the needs of laboratories and Research/Production teams.

Condenser Capacity3-4kg/24h
Condenser Temperature-80℃
Shelves4 layers
Vacuum Degree<10Pa
Freeze-Drying Area0.12㎡
Bulk Capacity (L)1.2L
Pre-Freeze Shelf Dimensionф200mm
Vials Capacity Φ12mm820 pcs
Vials Capacity Φ16mm460 pcs
Vials CapacityΦ22mm244 pcs
Dimensions of Base Unit565×420×(360+430)mm
Maximum Power Consumption970W
Voltage Supply110-220V,50/60 Hz
  • Graphic LCD display with a clear layout showing the drying curves
  • Transparent acrylic drum drying chamber for user to observe the drying process
  • Imported low noise compressor
  • Match the green environmental protection of international standard
  • Features vacuum freeze drying technology
  • Small size and easy to operate
  • Stainless steel construction of condenser, operation panel and shelves
  • Condenser features pre-freezing function
  • Features nitrogen valve and eutectic test device (optional)
Bench top Freeze dryers can be customized with a range of accessories for use in laboratory, research or production, to process serum bottles, vials or manifold type containers.

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