Bench-Top Manifold type Freeze Dryer  LBFD-A20

Bench-Top Manifold type Freeze Dryer LBFD-A20

Bench-Top manifold type freeze dryer with 8 extra manifold ports LBFD-A2 series is portable and easy to operate. The bench-top manifold type series boasts a 3-4 kg per 24 hour condensing rate. This device features vacuum drying technology with low noise compressor for smooth and silent functioning. Its graphic LCD display with clear layout shows the drying curves and other parameters for easy analysis. The manifold type freeze dryers are configured strictly following ISO & CE standards.

Condenser Capacity3-4kg/24h
Condenser Temperature<-55℃
Shelves4 layers
ManifoldManifold with 8 ports
Vacuum Degree<10Pa
Freeze-Drying Area0.12㎡
Bulk Capacity (L)1.2L, 10mm thickness
Pre-Freeze Shelf Dimensionф200mm
Flask Specification1000ml, 500ml, 250ml, 100ml
CoolingAir, draughty, ambient temperature ≤25ºC
Vials Capacity Φ12mm920 pcs
Vials Capacity Φ16mm480 pcs
Vials CapacityΦ22mm260 pcs
Dimensions of Base Unit460×625×(370+465)mm
Maximum Power Consumption700W
Voltage Supply110-220V,50/60 Hz
  • Manifold type with 8 extra manifold ports
  • Compact size with low noise compressor
  • Compliance with international standards
  • Equipped with vacuum freeze drying technology
  • Features nitrogen valve and eutectic test device (optional)
  • With pre-freezing function of condenser
  • Transparent Acrylic Drum drying chamber for clear view
  • Condenser, operation panel and shelves are made of stainless steel
  • Graphic LCD display with a clear layout showing the drying curves
  • User friendly nature
These manifold type freeze dryers are used to freeze dry products such as plant material, organic tissue, waste products, and polymers manifold type freeze dryers are also used to achieve a chemical balance, such as for biochemical, chemical reagents.

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