Floor model   Freeze Dryer LFFD-A11

Floor model Freeze Dryer LFFD-A11

Floor model freeze dryer LFFD-A1 series boasts a 3-4 kg per 24 hour condensing rate. It features CFC-free refrigeration, vacuum drying with low noise compressor for safe and noiseless functioning, corrosion resistant body that is configured strictly following ISO & CE standards. The transparent acrylic drum drying chamber allow users to observe the drying process. It features compact console with casters that make it easy to move and are equipped with graphic LCD display with a clear layout to show the drying curves.

Condenser Capacity3-4kg/24h
Condenser Temperature-80°C
Shelves4 layers
Vacuum Degree<10Pa
Freeze-Drying Area0.12㎡
Bulk Capacity (L)1.2L, 10mm thickness
Pre-Freeze Shelf Dimensionф200mm
CoolingAir, draughty, ambient temperature ≤25ºC
Vials Capacity Φ12mm920 pcs
Vials Capacity Φ16mm480 pcs
Vials CapacityΦ22mm260 pcs
Dimensions of Base Unit556×460×(720+430)mm
Maximum Power Consumption750W
Voltage Supply220V, 50Hz
  • Features vacuum freeze drying technology
  • Graphic LCD display with a clear layout showing the drying curves
  • Stainless steel construction of condenser, operation panel and shelves
  • Transparent acrylic drum drying chamber for user to observe the drying process
  • Condenser features pre-freezing function
  • Small size and easy to operate
  • Imported low noise compressor
  • CFC-free refrigeration
  • Features nitrogen valve and eutectic test device (optional)
  • The unit is a compact console with casters that make it easy to move
Floor model freeze dryer can be used in laboratory or production to process serum bottles, vials or manifold type containers, to implement an important stage of a product (such as concentration) and to improve storage life and improved marketing of the end product.

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